Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy

Each class in the school visits the Computer Centre once a week.  Pre-school classes focus on muscle memory and motor skills before being introduced to an actual computer.

During the junior years, the emphasis is mainly on computer care, external computer hardware and basic input with the main focus on mouse skills.  They are also introduced to application programmes through worksheets.

Basic computer skills in the Intersen phase include basic keyboard training, working with text, spreadsheets and presentations.

Learners also get more exposure to working with application software in the Senior Phase through assignments and research projects.

All classes are introduced to an internal network system and basic coding skills.  In addition to this the senior classes also work with electronic communication.

Assistive devices are available in class to address the special needs faced by learners with Cerebral Palsy.  Lessons are designed to accommodate the needs of the individual learner so that no child should feel excluded regardless the challenge they face.