Speech Therapy & Audiology

Speech-Language Therapy & Audiology Department at Forest Town School

Forest Town School currently has 4 Speech-Language Therapists on staff, 3 of which are also qualified Audiologists.

The team collectively manage a caseload of approximately 160 children, who present with a variety of neurological conditions and learning disabilities. The Speech-Language Therapy & Audiology scope includes the assessment, treatment and management of language and communication disorders, feeding difficulties, oral-motor and saliva management, and a variety of speech disorders. 

Furthermore, children are assessed and managed for audiological pathologies at the school, including cerumen management, hearing tests (behavioural and objective testing), hearing aid fittings as well as classroom management, with the use of assistive devices such as FM Systems. The team works closely within a multidisciplinary environment consisting of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, as well as educators, to ensure that the individual needs of each child is accommodated for within the curriculum offered at the school.