Technical Occupational curriculum


The department consists of eight classes. The learner age range is from 12 to 15. The TOCO department follows the TOC curriculum focusing on six skills as well as academic subjects. These include sewing, ECD (Early Childhood Development), Arts and Crafts, Woodwork, Office and Admin, and BTC (Beauty Therapy), English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Life Skills.

The learners are placed in skills that suit their interest and ability. The educators guide them in their final choices for year 2, 3 and 4 after experiencing a variety of skills.

Our programme aims to support and develop the learner as a whole including social, emotional, physical and cognitive abilities. Each child has an individual support programme which caters to their needs on their level within the curriculum. The learners are engaged in a various creative, sporting and cultural activities during the week. We aim to educate each learner to their maximum potential regardless of the challenges they face on a daily basis.


A Summary of Technical Occupational Curriculum Orientation

TOCO is a practical skills-based program designed to prepare and equip learners with special education needs for the work environment.

Skills – We offer four skills. Sewing, Hospitality Studies, Beauty & Nail Technology & Office Administration.

HOSPITALITY STUDIES: This area covers basic cooking, baking, kitchen hygiene and safety as well as customer service. Our learners also work in the school bakery “Arise”. The bakery team, led by a previous Forest Town School learner and a baking supervisor, prepares and sells a variety of baked goods as well as light lunches. Learners are also taught about costing, packaging, marketing and selling of food and beverage items. Once a year, our Hospitality Studies learners have Barista training and learn how to make a variety of hot and cold beverages on the coffee machine.

SEWING: This skills subject starts with basic stitching and hand-sewing and later progresses onto accessory and garment-making. Learners showcase their finished products at the end-of-year function.

BEAUTY & NAIL TECHNOLOGY:  Learners are instructed by an educator and a qualified beauty instructor who was a previous learner at our school. Treatments covered include: manicures, pedicures, massage therapies and hair services. The Beauty Therapy Centre often hosts events for special occasions on the weekend.

OFFICE ADMINISTRATION: This curriculum covers computers and other features of a working office. This skills subject is particularly appropriate for some of our learners who have mobility challenges.

In addition to the above-mentioned skills, Senior TOC also has an academic curriculum, which includes the following subjects. English, Afrikaans (FAL), Maths, Personal & Social Wellbeing, Physical Education, Creative Arts and Natural Science.