Music is a universal language that can be understood by individuals of all ages, faiths, nations, and races. It has the power to touch everyone’s heart, including those of children with special needs, and it can be a fantastic instrument for their education and socializing. The music department enables children with special needs learners to participate in very different ways as opposed to a traditional classroom setting (auditory or visually). Instead of speaking or writing, a child can use music to communicate their experiences.

This kind of learning is effective in many ways. Playing easy instruments like bells, whistles, drums, triangles, castanets, rhythm sticks and other rhythm instruments can reinforce student achievement. Everyone is welcome to participate in our mixed-age classes, including children with cognitive, physical, or neurological needs or impairments. In fact, your child will most likely thrive in class ,because our “accept and include” philosophy means that we respect different ages, stages, and learning styles.